So natural and beautiful...

As a busy professional and author, I am working 10 -12 hours a day, often speaking to hundreds of people on leadership skills for families and business. I need the confidence in knowing that my makeup always looks good. Barbara has given me that confidence. She is a true artist and will not stop until she has achieved a perfect result. Barbara's technique is painless and the look she achieves is so natural and beautiful.    

Maryann Rosenthal, Ph.D   Author, Speaker and Clinical Director of Casa Palmera Treatment Center, Del Mar, CA  www.drma.com

She's the best!...

Barbara did my permanent lip approximately 10 years ago. It was the best decision I ever made! There's nothing like waking up in the morning looking great! She did the whole lip with a beautiful color that I chose. My natural lips were uneven and the color was almost non-existent. I have touched it up a few times over the years, but it's really lasted well. She is so professional and makes you feel a ease. Thank you Barbara for making me "naturally" beautiful. P.S. I'm in the beauty business as a Master Aesthetician and Instructor and I refer all my clients to her. She's the best!!!

Peggy Lacy  Owner of Skin's In  Virginia Beach, VA

I was referred by a friend...

I was referred to Barbara by a friend. I went to see what the procedure was like as I was very nervous about getting ANYTHING permanent on my body, but especially my face. I was set at ease immediately when I spoke with Barbara about the procedure - what to expect and how I have the final word on how I will look. I have to say I have had one wonderful compliment after another. Store makeup artists have commented on how beautiful a job it was; some people don't even know it is permanent eyebrows and liner! My life is so much simpler not having to draw on eyebrows everyday to have them only disappear by evening. My makeup routine is simpler as well. I can not and WOULD not recommend anyone else for these sensitive procedures. Barbara is the BEST by far!!

Thank you, Barbara, for all the beautification you have given me!  Best,  

Marsha North San Diego County, CA

I drove from Bakersfield...

MANY years ago Barbara did my eyeliner. I am a BIG wimp. But she put me at ease and before I knew it I was done. I am a red blonde with blue eyes & needed the liner to help my eyes stand out. Mascara bothers my eyes, so I rely on the liner. I can't even begin to wonder how much money I have saved in makeup!   I moved from San Diego area to Bakersfield and because of the heat here nothing stays on my face. As I've gotten older my eyesight is not as sharp as it once was & I now find my brows need work. I plan to drive all the way there to have her fix my brows; I wouldn't consider letting anyone else do them! As for my eyeliner, it's way over 10 yrs old and doesn't even need a touch up.   Her professionalism is unparallel. She is my best arsenal for fighting aging and to maintain my beauty. I enjoy the beauty products she carries [BeautiControl]; here in this dry climate they are the only products that are effective, especially as a nurse washing my hands constantly. And best of all she's cool.

Selena Sherman RN  Bakersfield, CA

I love the work she has done...

My previous experience with getting permanent make-up before meeting Barbara was a disaster. That lady wasn't a nurse so she couldn't numb the area properly (it was extremely painful), and she did my eyebrows, eyeliner and lips ALL in 3 hours. She didn't take the time to draw where she was going to work or do any measurements. My eyebrows ended up being short little lines; the color was a charcoal grey which wasn't becoming, and the eyeliner didn't show up at all. My lips ended up with dark pigment patches and no added color.    I was so distraught I called the lady. She ignored my calls, I had to keep calling her, and we ended up playing phone tag for weeks. Eventually she got back to me and after explaining the situation I went back to go thru the same torture all over again. This time she made the eyebrows a little longer but they looked awful. They still were not a good color for me, they weren't symmetrical, and now one was higher than the other. The eyeliner showed very faintly on only one eye and my lips ended up with even more dark pigment patches.    After healing this time I went in to the salon to see her, where she basically ignored me. Finally she looked at my face but had no explanation or solution. I wasn't up to dealing with her anymore so I went to my dermatologist to ask her, but she had no clue what to do. After stressing about this I finally called my plastic surgeon and his office suggested I see Barbara.    I went to her and was impressed with her methods. She discussed her procedure with me thoroughly, which was far different than the other lady's. I made an appointment and went in. First Barbara measured and drew where she would be working, showing me an idea of the shape and color. The numbing was wonderful & only a minimal amount of discomfort. The eyeliner actually felt safer & far more comfortable.    Other things Barbara did differently were to recommend an over the counter medicine to prevent bruising and bleeding, and since I get fever blisters on my lips she recommended I get a prescription to prevent me from getting any of the blisters which had broken out the previous times.    I highly recommend anyone wanting to get permanent make-up to see Barbara. I love the work she has done, I feel so much prettier now. Thank you.    

Sally A.   New Hampshire

Big selling point is she is a Nurse..

My name is Betsy and the first time I got my eyebrows tattooed was by a friend of mine, who charged me $200. I was getting married in 3 months and being a redhead, my eyebrow hair had been fading to blond, so much so that it looked like I didn't even have eyebrows, so I was really excited about getting this cosmetic procedure done. Long story short, it looked horrible! It was maroon and hardly even shaped. I didn't know what to say, so I said nothing and got married with maroon lines adorning my face. That experience began my search for someone to "fix" my eyebrows. My search led me to Barbara d'Artenay at Permanent Cosmetic Artistry. She performed nothing less than a miracle and with expert detail and coloring, she has transformed my brows to look like I was born with them. I was so impressed with her work that I had Barbara tattoo my lips and eyeliner as well. One of the big selling points is that Barbara is a nurse and can use a local anesthesia, which makes having tattoo work so much easier to bear, especially facial tattoos. I've had other tattoos done (on my back and ankle) without a local and let me tell you, it HURTS! I continue to go to only Barbara for regular touchups and not only value her expertise, but totally enjoy her personable energy while having my work done. SHE'S THE BEST!!!!